“…I hold a stone, a warm pulse in my hand that contains the sun.”
Stephanie June Sorrell

The Jewelry

We treasure our jewelry. We wear it to express our moods and identities. We wear it to remember our histories, loves, and families.

Every piece becomes inscribed with memories, very personal, an intimate friend.

Jewelry by Joyce Goodman is personal, as well. Each piece is imagined by Goodman and made by her own hands, one piece at a time.

The Gold

“What chord did she pluck in my soul
that girl with the golden necklace …
What chord did she pluck that I am still trembling.”
Steve Kowit  “What Chord Did She Pluck”

Gold speaks its own language of romance, resilience, dreams, and power.

It is Goodman’s preferred material.

In her studio, Goodman melts pure gold with silver and copper in precise amounts. She rolls the alloy into sheets and wire strands, the basic elements from which each piece begins.

The Gems

“…those who open the doors of the earth
will find in the darkness, intact and complete,
the light of that system’s transparency…
a whole buried geometry…”
Pablo Naruda, Skystones. #XXVIII

Color, light, refraction, reflection – all combine to create the powerful allure of gems. Cut and polished to enhance these attributes they catch and hold our attention.

Before they are cut and faceted to fill commercial requirements, every stone is singular by nature, despite its signature crystal shape and structure – as are we. Irregularity, surface textures, and inclusions enrich, and entice.

The individuality of the stones, the interplay of color and texture, balancing tensions between rough and refined distinguish Goodman’s jewelry as unique works of personal adornment.